Apr. 29th, 2007

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Today I overdid it. Really overdid it. One should not attempt to put together more than one piece of IKEA furniture in one day. Not only did I go to IKEA when they opened this morning, I also bought some bookshelves and a dresser and assembled both of them today.

I had no idea that particleboard could make you so sick. Particleboard has formaldehyde in it. I put the bookshelves together and felt so-so. Then I had lunch, came back and put together the dresser. The further I progressed on the dresser, the WORSE I felt until I was so sick that by the time I finished I had to lie down for an hour to recover. At the time I thought I just had some sort of flu coming on or something. I also noticed that my hands are kind of swollen. Freaky no? Just think about this next time you buy some cheap furniture. Next time I'm getting solid wood, no matter the price. I'll get it used.

However, despite my sickness; they both look really nice. But it's hard to enjoy them fully when I know they are releasing noxious gases at me. I'm keeping the windows open for awhile.

My little apartment is coming together nicely and is beginning to feel like home. I unpacked my books today. Now that my books are out and it smells a little like sauted garlic (with and undertone of particleboard) it's starting to feel more comfortable.

I saw this while walking to work the other morning:

That's how I feel sometimes too.


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