Jun. 4th, 2007

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For some reason, my apartment STINKS. I mean really stinks. It smells like a dumpster in here. I find it very alarming. I can't find the source of the stench either. The trash and recycling are clean the kitchen sink only has two rinsed dishes in it. I really don't want anyone to come over until I find out what's causing the smell. It almost smells like dead animal which is completely revolting. I hope someone didn't die in my building. *shudder*

I briefly had plans to meet with a friend tonight but that bombed out. Too bad. Later this week though. Hopefully. Maybe.

In addition to my apartment stinking, I stink too. I just did another hour long spinning class. I've been eating a lot of non-nutritious food in large quantities lately. I've got to be careful. I just lost about 10 pounds in the last two months and I'd be so crabby to gain it back.

I won't see NSF until tomorrow night. That's two whole nights apart. I think by tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be antsy and cranky, which is kind of a good feeling. A sort of bouncy, hyper-excited to see my new girlfriend feeling.
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Don't ever lose your cellphone. It SUCKS. Mine is no longer officially lost. It is at new girlfriend's house. However, it still really bites to only have the internet as your primary form of communication. There are people I need to call. Like my mom for instance.


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