Jun. 25th, 2007

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I have two days left in my current job. It's still kind of hard to believe. I feel exhausted when I think about the fact that I'm again starting another new job. You know how some people bounce around from relationship to relationship? That's how I am with jobs apparently. I'd rather it was my job than my relationships.

The temp and I ran out of stuff to do today and the last half hour was agonizingly boring. I sent out a call for help asking for work from anyone and everyone tomorrow. Unfortunately we are strongly discouraged from surfing the web when there's nothing to do, but instead are expected to continuously ask our coworkers for work to do, to the point at which it becomes annoying to them. Reason number 980981239021398 that I'm glad to be leaving.

Big BIG boss also asked for 10 minutes of my time today. She wants to speak to me before I leave. I can only imagine what that's about. I'm already dreading it. I will only be honest with her. Definitely not mean, or angry, but honest. Hopefully she just wants to know why I'm leaving.

This weekend was FANNNNNTASTIC. Not only was Cutie home from NY, but it was pride weekend. Unfortunately, she got really sick on Saturday (food poisoning), so we spent a lot of time lying around with me scratching her head and fetching glasses of water and Milk of Magnesia. She felt much better by Saturday night, but by then we were zonked out and didn't get to do any of the party-partying. It was OK because we still made it to the parade on Sunday. I feel like the parade was kind of a letdown. It felt too big, along too much of a stretch. I didn't feel that usualy camaraderie that happens at pride. I guess there's something missing by not having it on Broadway. I know there are many more reasons to NOT have it on Broadway, but it felt a little sad and lonely. It was strange to have all these tourists walking by who have no idea what is going on. It was also COLD. I'm used to being a little sunburned and a little drunk at pride. I also confess I was wondering where all of my friends were.

I think I'm a little stressed about starting my new job on Thursday. I KNOW I am actually. I've had a headache all day and I had one all day on Friday until exactly 5:01pm. I think I'll feel better once I get through Wednesday and am done with training the temp and stressing out about finding stuff for her to do all day. That's actually far more stressful.

Cutie lowers my blood pressure. If I just think of her, I feel better.


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