Jun. 29th, 2007

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God, I'm such a DORK.

In my new building I really don't know my way around so well. It is a GIGANTIC building with lots of winding hallways that all basically look the same. Today I was trying to find the locker room and I came around a familiar corner where there is an odd piece of artwork that everyone had been discussing at lunch. Basically it's this giant prong-rack similar to the type they use at stores like Target to hang multiple goods of the same type. Except on this rack there is nothing but different colored (painted) pennies in mini ziplock bags. (it's weird!)
So I came around the corner quickly and there were two people looking at the artwork, right in my path or determination and instead of going behind them I accidentally cut too far toward the artwork and, of course, ran into it. It made a terrible crashing sound and almost came off the wall. THANK GOD IT DID NOT. Several of the prongs did and oh god, who knows where they were supposed to go. So I sort of pretended like I knew and put them back on. Sigh. This is my life.

Yesterday while walking down a hallway with my new boss I accidentally walked into someones rack of bins hanging on their office door and knocked it off.

Both days this week I've felt like the dorky new kid at school. I can't wait to become such a familiar face that everyone isn't looking at me all the time. It makes me so nervous. I forgot what it's like.

So far it's a good fit I think. I was starting to feel worried today that I'm not quite up-to-snuff in my computer skills and was feeling really bad about it. Especially with Access. I've used the program a bit but it's been YEARS. I haven't done much query or form creating. I was feeling bad about it and then at around 3:30 my boss said in an exasperated voice "you learn to fast! I don't have anything left!" So I felt much, much better after that.


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