Aug. 8th, 2007

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Ugh. and double ugh.

While parking my car this evening I accidentally scraped the car in front of me on the bumper. Normally, if it's just a bumper and there's no damage, I'd just drive away; but it looked like there was a good scrape on one of the more plasticy parts of the bumper. The parking space was obviously far too small for even my little car to fit into. I started searching around for a pen and could not find one anywhere. Not in my bag, not in the glovebox, nowhere. I was feeling kind of stressed and this GIANT child molester van pulled up behind me. I was on a street I'm not particularly fond of due to it's narrow width. I had to move so the creepy van could get by. I went and found another parking space then ran home to get a pen and paper. I went back to leave a note on the car and either they already moved it, there was no scratch and I'm just seeing things, or they're out hunting for red cars and revenge. Either way I feel bad. Good reason to keep a pen in your car. Sigh.

I saw a naturopathic doctor who specializes in physical medicine yesterday. Basically a ND/physical therapist. I feel like I'm finally taking good steps towards healing my back, or at least making it feel better. He did a full and thorough assessment and found it alarming that it's been hurting for 5 years and no one has yet taken an x-ray or MRI. I think part of it is that I hurt it when I was 25. I never sought proper medical care back then because I was young and dumb and when I finally did, I didn't see the right person. I'm getting x-rays next week and possibly more tests depending on what the x-rays show. He also did some manipulation during the appointment, including my neck and chest which was fairly terrifying. You know how on TV and in movies they show someone getting their neck adjusted and it's this rapid jerk of the neck to one side, followed by a loud CRACK? That's exactly how it was. Except I was positioned on a long table and I had my eyes closed. It took a lot of concentration for me to just take a deep breath and trust that this man was not going to make me a quadriplegic. He managed to do both sides of my neck successfully and it actually felt kind of good once the terror wore off. He also cracked my chest which was also unnerving. He had me sit up, legs forward, and arms across my chest. Then I gently laid back down on the table with my chin tucked in. He then did some kind of ninja PT move and thrust a ton of weight on my chest. It popped all of of ribs back into place. At least that's how it felt. It felt really good after that. I was glad it didn't knock the wind out of me or make my heart feel funny. Obviously he's an expert. He seems to be very enthusiastic about helping me. I think he could tell, based on the 10 million other appointments I've had, the number of people I've seen, and the frustration in my voice; that I'm ready to get better.

My boss is off all of next week and I'm a bit nervous. She has me on her voice mail and email as the "go-to" person which is fine and flattering, but I'm sooo scared. I've only been there a month! The only person I can go to during this time with questions is the big scientist leading the study and he's hardly ever in his office and I feel funny bothering him with anything. Hopefully all will go smoothly. I'm a good troubleshooter and I think I can handle it. If not I'm just going to shut my office door and hide under my desk.


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