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I am an overpacker. I confess this here and now on my LJ. I pack too much stuff. I've tried and TRIED not to pack so much, but it's a condition. Like OCD, I can't help it. The one and only time I ever packed for a trip lightly was the first trip to Japan with Marblehead. She simply would not allow me, nor was it possible, to bring more than fit in two small bike saddlebags. Literally, I had one street outfit and two biking outfits and that's about it aside from the tent etc..

So now I'm going camping and I'm overpacked and I TRIED and TRIED not to pack so much but what if....what if I NEED something and it's not there? It's only four days right? But..but..what if I get cold? What if Cutie gets cold?!

You should have seen my bags when I packed up to move to Japan. You should have seen the lists and the careful consideration that went into deciding what to bring. Especially since I'm about 8 feet taller than the average Japanese woman. I had to bring all of my clothes as well as shoes.

So far each time my dirty little packing secret has come out into the open all I've gotten is an eye-roll, but one of these days someone is going to put their foot down and insist that that I DO NOT need that extra pair of underwear and 5 pairs of shoes for a weekend getaway.

Seriously, shouldn't you be glad I remembered the toothpaste, bandaids, tampons, and extra washcloth? Remember that if you ever take a trip with me.

p.s. I blame my mother, she overpacks too.
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