Jun. 19th, 2007 09:05 pm
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There is only one person in this universe who can guilt me into anything. My niece. My OLDER niece. She's 15 and since she was born she's been able to guilt me into anything. I don't know if it's her humongous blue eyes or the fact that she will always ALWAYS be the baby, but I'm a sucker.

I got a phone call at work yesterday on my cellphone that went something like this:

Me: Helllooooo
Niece: Belle, can you come over tonight?
Me: Why?
Niece: Just because.
Me: Because WHY? (Instantly suspicious, this is unlike her. She never calls unless it's something big)
Niece: I have something for you.
Me: What is it?
Niece: It's a secret.
Me: Can I eat it?
Niece: Ummmmmm.
Me: I can't come over tonight. How about tomorrow?
Niece: OK. When?
Me: 6-6:30.

Since it was GUILT-inducing-niece I decided I should probably go over there. It has been at least three weeks since I've been to mom's and I could feel the guilty cloud starting to follow me anyway.

When I got there I discovered that her and her BFF had cooked me dinner. I was completely surprised. This is a kid who can barely manage to cook herself Top Ramen. Not only was it dinner, it was good. AND they made me no-bake cookies. For no reason other than because they wanted to see me. OH THE GUILT. I MIGHT DIE FROM THE GUILT.
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I went to my sister's house today to help them do some packing. I'm not sure how helpful I was with my bum knee, but I tried. I mostly packed up their dvds, vhs tapes, and cds. I plan on going back to help more next weekend, because they NEED help. I wish we didn't live so far apart. I HATE living 40 minutes from them. It could be worse. I know. I could live in another state.

I discovered while I was there that they are planning to take one of their cats to PAWS before they move. She has not been completely happy while she has lived with them. She's stressed out and she doesn't like all the activity and the kids running around etc.. I understand her perspective and I think I understand theirs. So my dilemma is - Do I take her? I think it's about time for me to consider getting a cat again and she's pretty amazing. She's beautiful and sweet and mellow. She's also fairly young and she likes to play. Her only problem has been peeing. I think the peeing has been a response to stressful and noisy situations around her. I'm not going to lie - I'm nervous about bringing her into my pristine perfect little apartment and having her piss all over everything. I highly doubt that would happen, and she hasn't had an "accident" for months, but I'm thinking about it. I also worry that this is one more huge change in my life after three big ones in a row. One of which hasn't really taken place yet (starting my job). Would that be too much? I feel like it would be a happy change. All of the changes so far have felt positive and happy.

Have to think about it some more.

I'm going to check out the Masters swim team on the hill this week. I'm nervous since I'm in horrible swimming shape and I don't know if it's even realistic while my knee is hurting. If my knee is hurting at all I really think it's stupid to think I could swim. I want to at least meet the coach and check out the pool. I miss swimming and I'm soooo sick of the gym. Obviously biking and running aren't an option until this whole thing is fixed.

Cutie leaves for NY at 6am tomorrow. I'm sooooo bummed. I'll make it's a week. I'll try not to be a baby about it.


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