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Today was a better day!

I ended up swimming last night. I didn't go to Masters practice because I got chicken, but I swam at the gym instead. I didn't feel pukey either! (last time the constant wake from their shitty lane lines made me sick) I realized I have a bit of work to do before I'll feel comfortable going to a masters practice. I know how those workouts go. When I swam on the UW Masters team they killed me. Every practice. Given, I was also biking and running and weight training. They do take those practices seriously. They are not unlike my college swim practices where I was burning so many calories I might as well have been eating some Gu while in the pool.

We were moderately busy most of the day at work, until 3:30 when we ran out of stuff to do. I had to get creative in the afternoon and we ended up helping out some other people. I felt really bad because the poor temp looked so bored beyond belief. I was bored just hearing myself talk. I HOPE tomorrow will be busier, but I doubt it. Today I had two interactions in the office that reminded me why it's a GOOD thing that I'm moving on.

Tonight I'm going for a run (my first in MONTHS). Just a shortie. Maybe 15 minutes or less. I know exactly what's happening. I'm slowly training for a triathlon. It's like a DISEASE. I can't stop. I just want to do one. Just one in the fall. I'm sick of the gym so automatically my brain starts thinking of activities outside the gym that might entertain me and of course they are - swimming, biking and running.

I have one load in the washer and I might try and do another if Irritating Hippie Guy isn't waiting there with a load when I get downstairs. After all that I'm having a beer and some dinner. I feel like I deserve a beer or two.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Cutie comes home tomorrow. I pick her up in the evening. Can. Not. Wait.
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I'm really getting excited to start my new job. Today I overheard a conversation in my office that made me roll my eyes so hard they almost got stuck. I'm pretty bored with the work. I guess that's a sign that it's time. I will miss my cubemates a lot. I'll still see them several times a week, but that's not the same as rolling my chair over to say hi or share candy.

In my new job I will get to work with men again. I've kind of missed working with men. I will also work FOR a couple of men. It's not that I mind working with an entire female staff, I just feel like there's more drama than there needs to be at times. (and I'm not saying I'm not part of the drama). I just think it's good to have a balance between the genders. When I worked at both of my lab jobs I worked with some great guys. I miss those guys sometimes.

Tonight's agenda includes laundry, cleaning, cooking and everything else that doesn't get done when I'm with Cutie. I tried to do laundry at her house but I realized that half of my clothes are hang-dry only and it's just a pain in the arse. I'd rather do it somewhere that I leave them to hang for awhile. Besides, I'm sure she doesn't want my biking shorts draped all over her house.

I'm thinking that I might do something radical with my new pay raise. I might not spend the extra money at all. I don't know. It's going to be hard. What I'm thinking is I might just keep living in the same manner, with the same budget, but put the extra funds straight to my debt and help pay it off even quicker. I think that's the smart thing to do. I try and be a responsible adult sometimes...

Last night Cutie took me to The Melting Pot to celebrate my new job. I haven't been in two years or so. I'm not crazy about anything there, EXCEPT the fondue. Which is the whole point. It's like The Olive Garden of fondue, but it's GOOD. It was dangerous the two of us with fondue forks trying to share. Two frantic cheese lovers sharing boiling hot cheese is intense. There was some competition at the end, but she let me have the last bite. Of BOTH the cheese fondue and the chocolate. She's so sweet it hurts.
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This morning I was so crabby I opted to be quiet rather than lash out at an unsuspecting coworker. I had my ipod on and managed to get through as much work as possible before our never-ending-staff-meeting-from-hell. My favorite coworker and cube-neighbor asked me at around 10:30 if I was feeling OK. I wasn't TALKING enough. I don't think anyone has ever, EVER told me I wasn't talking enough. I mean, I thought my name until I was 10 was "motormouth". (ok, I didn't, but I DID think it was Christabel And instead of Christabel Ann)

I started getting cramps after lunch and that clued me into the crabbiness. I'm feeling much, much nicer now.

I tried to put a load of laundry in to wash my favorite jeans but someone is hogging the machines. I NEED those jeans for date #2 tomorrow night. They would be fine but some drunken fool spilled beer all over me last weekend and I'm not going out with beer-stench on me. I suppose it doesn't matter what jeans I wear. Sigh. I could just wear my other, less well-fitting jeans. It's all about what's inside right?


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