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Last night I woke up at 11:30 from the most scary, intense, dream.  I haven't woken up that scared in a long time.  I was so sweaty and uncomfortable.  I had to pee and I was relieved to see that there were still lights on in the house and my roommate was still up.  Somehow that made me feel better.  Now that I'm awake the dream doesn't seem AS scary, but still disturbing.  It involved a man being beaten to death and there was no way I could help him and the police (assuming they'd actually be helpful) wouldn't arrive fast enough.  I ended up petting Muffin for a long time because it was comforting.  She's such a good cat.  She always calms me. 

I seem to have this lingering cough from my cold that won't die.  It's driving my coworkers mad.  I HATE cough drops too.  I'm trying to eat them for their sake, but I hate that Menthol flavor.  ick.

I'm getting soooooo excited for the holidays!  I'm such a nerd.  I just really love them. Mostly, I just like being with my family.  Oh, I guess I like the cold weather and the decorations and stuff a lot too.  My nieces and nephew get so excited and it's just fun.  I think it will be hard to be in Japan next year during this time.  I assume that it won't be quite as "in your face" over there so maybe it won't be quite so bad.  I've never spent a holiday away from my family so it will be an experience for sure.  I'm curious about Japan's big New Years celebration.




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