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I've done something BAD to my knee. It started out very suddenly. I biked home from work on Monday or Tuesday and when I got home, my knee was really hurting. Mostly when I went from sitting to standing. It has gotten progressively worse all week. This morning I woke up and was limping. Not good. I think it might be from biking. I don't know what has caused it though. I'm not sure if it's some sort of acute thing or if it has been building up over time. I have had a slight pain in this knee before but not like this. Cutie thinks I should lay off the biking for awhile. NO BIKING? I don't know if I can do it. On the other hand, I don't even know if I could actually bike anywhere the pain is so bad. I told her I'd go to the doctor if it still hurts when she gets back from NY. I don't know ANYTHING about knee injuries as mine have always been reliable. I typically get back and shoulder stuff. I feel old and crotchety this morning.

Yes, Cutie is going out of town. I think I might quite possibly die. I'm sure I will knock her over with a tackle when she returns but WAH. She will be in NY for a week starting tomorrow morning. I really won't get to see much of her today either because we both have other obligations today.

I have been irritable the past two days. Irritable beyond belief. I think it's delayed PMS because I thought I was going to freak-out at work yesterday. I kept trying to get caught up and everytime I saw the pile getting smaller someone would come and drop off more work. It was like that cartoon with the worker buried beneath papers at their desk. I completely snapped at one of my coworkers and then promptly apologized, but part of me still feels like she had it coming. You just don't bring someone a STAT request at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon. IT IS NOT DONE.


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