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Today like usual I worked out at the gym. When I walked in I was immediatley bombarded with balloons. Then I was asked while checking in if I'd like to participate in the "friends and family" offer being presented right now. On my way to the locker room I was offered a "free" spine adjustment, although I'm sure it would have been a sales pitch of some kind. While working out I had to turn off my ipod because the music was so loud. Then I had to listen to at least 10, screeching, obnoxiously loud announcements and reminders over the PA system during my 45 minute workout.

I like exercising, and I don't mind going to the gym, but I'm starting to really mind MY gym. Initially I joined because they have a pool, the dues are cheap (about $31/month), and it's close to work. Are there people out there who really LIKE this type of environment? Does anyone like the annoyingly loud music and the horrible sales pitches? Are there people that really, truly, believe that if you buy 100's of dollars in APEX brand supplements and energy bars that you will lose weight more quickly? I think I'm going to go shopping for a new gym. Workouts are supposed to make you feel refreshed, not give you a headache.

God, I sound like a crotchety old lady.
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Don't you love it when this happens? )

Today was kind of a blah day. I haven't had a blah day in awhile so I guess I'm overdue. I feel especially fat right now since Gym and I had our big breakup. I'm thinking about going tomorrow morning. I think part of the reason I feel so blah is that my exercise regimen is all screwy since I started dating Cutie. I think I need to start going to the gym more regularly until I get this whole swim team thing sorted out.

My boss emailed me to tell me that they have a temp coming on Wednesday to replace me. I guess I'm training her for a week. I feel like this is too long and I surely will go crazy near the end. I just REALLY hope she's tolerable unlike the last temp we had come in. I hope my last week at my job isn't miserable.

I did have a nice walk home from work today. Walking home from work is really one of the highlights of my days these days. It has been since college that I've been able to walk to and from work. I love putting my ipod on and walking out the door. It's really enjoyable and it's at least two miles a day that I'm walking. Even if I don't have time for the gym at least I'm doing that. I guess I walk about 2 times a week and bike the other days.

I also made myself a nice yummy lunch for tomorrow. I'm having an egg salad sandwich and a salad with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, peppers, and cheese. Oh, and Goddess Dressing of COURSE.

Cutie text messaged me to tell me that she got to hold hands with Amanda Palmer at the True Colors concer today. :/ It's allowable since she's on "the list". My list includes such famous people as - Tilda Swinton, Carrie Brownstein, Wayne Coyne to name a few.
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I won a small war at work today. I won't go into specifics, as it's not wise to discuss work too much on the interwebs; but let't just say it was a long war and I came out on top. With respect, which is hard to do.

Suddenly, my life is very busy. This is good because for awhile there it wasn't, and I kind of like to ride the edge of almost too busy. I feel like all of these changes all at once would have been harder for me at a different time in life, but right now I seem to be able to handle it. I'm just trying to tackle one thing at a time. I feel like moving was the hardest thing of all. There's nothing like moving to really shake your world up. I'm the routine queen and when it changes it's hard for me to adjust. I feel like this week my apartment is finally "home". I feel settled here. I'm getting used to biking or walking to work. I'm comfortable with the parking game and I've figured out how to find the good street spots when I move my car. Right now I'm averaging driving someplace once a week.

I'm thinking about dumping the gym. It's a relationship that has staled. It's just gotten really boring. It's so sunny and nice out and I'd so much prefer to save that energy to be outside. All of the walking and biking I've been doing has caused me to drop weight quickly too which makes the gym seem less urgent. I also really miss swimming. There's a masters team up here on the hill that I'm considering. It's 2 or 3 nights a week in the evening. On top of all that I've become more of a late night person (as in going to be at 11, rather than 9...) and getting up at 5:30 for the gym is not sounding so favorable.

So I have a second date with my new friend. I was kind of suspecting that would happen. The chemistry is certainly there. I feel shy saying too much about it. I'm also still in that "vulnerable" stage where it would be too easy to swoon and too easy to shoo it all away. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don't get to do either. I get to wait and see, and find out how it goes.


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