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My Aunt Dede passed away this afternoon after a long sickness. Dede was my favorite Aunt. Dede was like a second mom growing up. I don't know what else to say because I think part of the grief is delayed for me. It tends to hit me all at once, or later on unexpectedly while I'm doing something mundane like laundry or grocery shopping.

I would rather tell a short fond memory I have of Dede.

As a kid I was not allowed to have sugar. I'm not sure I've blogged about it before, but I wasn't allowed ANY. It turned me into a monstrous brat. So I had to get it however I could. Sometimes it was contraband sugar. Mom was the major enforcer in the no-sugar ban, but my sisters were supportive of it as well since they knew what happened if I had any. Usually I had to coerce other extended family members into sneaking me some here or there. I was mostly unsuccessful.

One very hot Oklahoma summer day the family had stopped at the K-Mart for treats. Everyone went in and I stayed in the car with a sister. I think I must have been about four. Dede came back to the car and my sister went in. When Dede got in the car she had this mischievous look on her face and held up a mini grape Tootsie Roll Pop. She unwrapped it, handed it to me., and told me to eat it fast. Of course, I wasn't a stupid kid, so I chomped the HELL out of that thing. I had eaten about half of it when everyone got back to the car and no one noticed (which looking back is kind of remarkable). Then for some stupid reason I announced that Dede had given me a Tootsie Roll Pop. Mom got SO MAD and grabbed it out of my hand. Dede looked at me with a look of death and did her famous bite-her-knuckle and grumble at whichever kid pissed her off routine. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't give me a backhand smack. I knew I was in trouble and that it was the last time she snuck me sugar.

I've had a pretty quiet weekend. On Friday I went to see Sky Cries Mary with friends and the gf. Saturday I helped my sister and BIL do some packing for their upcoming move. Saturday night I stayed at the gf's because I had to drive her to the airport at 6 am this morning for her trip to NY. (ugh and double ugh) Then I came home and took at two-hour power nap. (I think we slept about four hours total last night, she didn't pack until the last LAST minute)

After I got myself BACK out of bed again I met up with Lewis and Michele who took me kayaking at the Mercer Slough. I think we saw 100 baby ducks. God, they were so cute. So small and fluffy. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to squish one or stuff one in my mouth. Both options are inappropriate. It was quite fun and I realized on this trip that I do love being on the water. It was a good activity for me right now with my STUPID KNEE. It does feel a little better. Michele showed me some stretches and agreed that it's probably tendinitis. I think she's an expert after her knee issues. It was really nice of them to take me. They could have kayaked laps around me with the pace I kept.

I suppose it wasn't really a quiet weekend. I feel tired and cranky and I miss the gf already. She'll be back Friday. I need to stop whining.

Also, I had three bubble teas this weekend. Mango, coconut and taro. I need help.
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I went to my sister's house today to help them do some packing. I'm not sure how helpful I was with my bum knee, but I tried. I mostly packed up their dvds, vhs tapes, and cds. I plan on going back to help more next weekend, because they NEED help. I wish we didn't live so far apart. I HATE living 40 minutes from them. It could be worse. I know. I could live in another state.

I discovered while I was there that they are planning to take one of their cats to PAWS before they move. She has not been completely happy while she has lived with them. She's stressed out and she doesn't like all the activity and the kids running around etc.. I understand her perspective and I think I understand theirs. So my dilemma is - Do I take her? I think it's about time for me to consider getting a cat again and she's pretty amazing. She's beautiful and sweet and mellow. She's also fairly young and she likes to play. Her only problem has been peeing. I think the peeing has been a response to stressful and noisy situations around her. I'm not going to lie - I'm nervous about bringing her into my pristine perfect little apartment and having her piss all over everything. I highly doubt that would happen, and she hasn't had an "accident" for months, but I'm thinking about it. I also worry that this is one more huge change in my life after three big ones in a row. One of which hasn't really taken place yet (starting my job). Would that be too much? I feel like it would be a happy change. All of the changes so far have felt positive and happy.

Have to think about it some more.

I'm going to check out the Masters swim team on the hill this week. I'm nervous since I'm in horrible swimming shape and I don't know if it's even realistic while my knee is hurting. If my knee is hurting at all I really think it's stupid to think I could swim. I want to at least meet the coach and check out the pool. I miss swimming and I'm soooo sick of the gym. Obviously biking and running aren't an option until this whole thing is fixed.

Cutie leaves for NY at 6am tomorrow. I'm sooooo bummed. I'll make it's a week. I'll try not to be a baby about it.
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I've done something BAD to my knee. It started out very suddenly. I biked home from work on Monday or Tuesday and when I got home, my knee was really hurting. Mostly when I went from sitting to standing. It has gotten progressively worse all week. This morning I woke up and was limping. Not good. I think it might be from biking. I don't know what has caused it though. I'm not sure if it's some sort of acute thing or if it has been building up over time. I have had a slight pain in this knee before but not like this. Cutie thinks I should lay off the biking for awhile. NO BIKING? I don't know if I can do it. On the other hand, I don't even know if I could actually bike anywhere the pain is so bad. I told her I'd go to the doctor if it still hurts when she gets back from NY. I don't know ANYTHING about knee injuries as mine have always been reliable. I typically get back and shoulder stuff. I feel old and crotchety this morning.

Yes, Cutie is going out of town. I think I might quite possibly die. I'm sure I will knock her over with a tackle when she returns but WAH. She will be in NY for a week starting tomorrow morning. I really won't get to see much of her today either because we both have other obligations today.

I have been irritable the past two days. Irritable beyond belief. I think it's delayed PMS because I thought I was going to freak-out at work yesterday. I kept trying to get caught up and everytime I saw the pile getting smaller someone would come and drop off more work. It was like that cartoon with the worker buried beneath papers at their desk. I completely snapped at one of my coworkers and then promptly apologized, but part of me still feels like she had it coming. You just don't bring someone a STAT request at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon. IT IS NOT DONE.


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