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I understand now why Madonna is so sinewy and muscular. It's Pilates. I did my first class last night. I was invited by my Physical Therapist to come to her class at the clinic. She's teaching free classes while she becomes a Pilates instructor. I really couldn't ask for a better teacher than someone who knows exactly where I'm injured. The hour went by really quickly but Pilates is a very different workout than I expected. I can't believe anyone compares it to yoga at all. It's nowhere near like yoga. I like both a lot but for very different reasons. I liked that Pilates was less serious and I could actually laugh at myself when I wasn't able to roll up on my upper back. My own personal definition of Pilates would be: effective strength training using yourself as the weights.

The Pilates class last night combined with Monday's spinning class has me feeling like today needs to be a rest day. Although not really since I'll be walking to work and back. I'm feeling more hopeful this week that by the time March rolls around I will be ready for triathlon training again.

I slept so hard last night. My head hit the pillow at 9:45 and I didn't open my eyes again until 6 when I had to pee. I cannot remember the last time I had a night like that. I feel rested but I'd really like to stay home this morning and lie around.


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