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I understand now why Madonna is so sinewy and muscular. It's Pilates. I did my first class last night. I was invited by my Physical Therapist to come to her class at the clinic. She's teaching free classes while she becomes a Pilates instructor. I really couldn't ask for a better teacher than someone who knows exactly where I'm injured. The hour went by really quickly but Pilates is a very different workout than I expected. I can't believe anyone compares it to yoga at all. It's nowhere near like yoga. I like both a lot but for very different reasons. I liked that Pilates was less serious and I could actually laugh at myself when I wasn't able to roll up on my upper back. My own personal definition of Pilates would be: effective strength training using yourself as the weights.

The Pilates class last night combined with Monday's spinning class has me feeling like today needs to be a rest day. Although not really since I'll be walking to work and back. I'm feeling more hopeful this week that by the time March rolls around I will be ready for triathlon training again.

I slept so hard last night. My head hit the pillow at 9:45 and I didn't open my eyes again until 6 when I had to pee. I cannot remember the last time I had a night like that. I feel rested but I'd really like to stay home this morning and lie around.
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Today was a better day!

I ended up swimming last night. I didn't go to Masters practice because I got chicken, but I swam at the gym instead. I didn't feel pukey either! (last time the constant wake from their shitty lane lines made me sick) I realized I have a bit of work to do before I'll feel comfortable going to a masters practice. I know how those workouts go. When I swam on the UW Masters team they killed me. Every practice. Given, I was also biking and running and weight training. They do take those practices seriously. They are not unlike my college swim practices where I was burning so many calories I might as well have been eating some Gu while in the pool.

We were moderately busy most of the day at work, until 3:30 when we ran out of stuff to do. I had to get creative in the afternoon and we ended up helping out some other people. I felt really bad because the poor temp looked so bored beyond belief. I was bored just hearing myself talk. I HOPE tomorrow will be busier, but I doubt it. Today I had two interactions in the office that reminded me why it's a GOOD thing that I'm moving on.

Tonight I'm going for a run (my first in MONTHS). Just a shortie. Maybe 15 minutes or less. I know exactly what's happening. I'm slowly training for a triathlon. It's like a DISEASE. I can't stop. I just want to do one. Just one in the fall. I'm sick of the gym so automatically my brain starts thinking of activities outside the gym that might entertain me and of course they are - swimming, biking and running.

I have one load in the washer and I might try and do another if Irritating Hippie Guy isn't waiting there with a load when I get downstairs. After all that I'm having a beer and some dinner. I feel like I deserve a beer or two.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Cutie comes home tomorrow. I pick her up in the evening. Can. Not. Wait.
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I do not recommend asian pear bubble tea. Blech. Worst flavor ever. It is overly sweet and peary. Asian pears are supposed to taste light and slightly tart. Not like some sort of sickly sweet syrup.

I woke up this morning thinking about triathlon. Actually it was my third thought. My first was that I'm cooking dinner for a friend tonight and I have to go get some additional food stuffs. Also, I need a new hair dryer after yesterday's explosion. My second thought was that my mother is sending me guilt vibes for not visiting for over two weeks and let me tell you, I'd rather have a wart than mother guilt.

So my third thought was triathlon. Have I hung up my wetsuit for life? I'm starting to miss it. I miss RACING. I miss having legs strong enough to open peanut butter jars with my thighs. But any serious triathlete, or athlete in general will tell you that having a a serious social life is hard, if not impossible, while training. I decided to take the year off from triathlon to focus on other things. Namely, my friends. Also, love. I tried to combine both and the results were disastrous (love and triathlon, not friends and love). I was at my peak level of training during my last relationship (we're talking 8 minute miles and 20% bodyfat, which for me is incredible) and both my training suffered and the relationship died (mostly for other reasons, but the training didn't help). I also wanted to spend more time with my sisters and my family and with nature. Hiking is high on my priorities. Also is seeing so many of those fabulous bands that are coming to town this summer. I missed laughing with my friends in 2006. There wasn't nearly enough it of. I feel like I've had more belly laughs this year because I simply have time for it. I don't know if I can go back to training 15 hours a week. I might have to be one of those "recreational" triathletes.


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