Jan. 29th, 2007

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It's interesting how quickly plans change. Last month I planned to move over this past weekend. Obviously that didn't happen. Instead I took a good look at what's more important and it's clearly not finding a new living situation before fixing the job situation. My job makes me crazy, and I can't live with that kind of stress over the long-term. I decided it's a much bigger priority to find a job that pays enough for me to start school again and keep me fed for the next two to three years. So I've been applying for other higher paying administrative and scientific jobs. I've been thinking and putting a lot of energy into what sort of job I want this time. The biggest conclusion I've come to is that I deserve to be paid a lot more than I'm making and I seriously deserve to have a boss that doesn't suck. I would really like another job with the humongous non-profit I work for now so long as it's at least 200 feet away from my current office. It would be really nice to find a PM or PC job at someplace like some of the places that I've worked before. Although, I'm doubtful that is going to happen since positions like that tend to be filled from the inside, there are few of them, and there are a couple I wouldn't work for.

It's also nice to not pay rent a little longer as it has allowed me to buy a new bed, some new clothes and I bought some new clothes for my penniless med student sister. I really, really love my new bed. I've been sleeping right in the middle, spread-eagle. You might as well take up the whole bed if you're not sharing it right?

I'm starting to get really excited about my vision of the rest of this year. I intend to have a new job by the spring, and a new place to live by early summer. I hope to be enrolled in school by fall. I have a very comfortable new pair of hiking boots. I also rejoined the mountaineers and signed up for a navigation course. My sister bought some new hiking boots too so I have an immediate hiking buddy.


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