Apr. 30th, 2007

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I keep my commuter bike down in the basement with the washer and dryer. The basement room is lit by two single lightbulbs. It is the storage room for bikes/laundry/ Freddy's bachelor pad/ spider haven. It is very hard to see what you are doing and it's approximatly 105 degrees because of it's location next to the boiler and the dryer.

Don't let anyone ever lie to you and tell you that changing a bike tire is easy. Sure bicycle mechanics do it in under 5 mintues and make it LOOK easy, but it's a bitch believe me. Those tire levers were only invented to make you think you have any control over removing the tire from the bike. Really you have to say fuck a few times and smash your fingers before the thing will come off.

I was lucky my flat happened outside my apartment building and not oh, say in the middle of a race, or on the side of the road in shiwanomusakitufu Japan. It took me at least half an hour of sweating, cursing, and sighing before I finished. As I was finally getting my tire back on my bike, sweat started to drip down the sides of my face and soak that spot above your belly but below your boobs. Real nice.

Now I just have to pray that tomorrow morning when I get my bike out of the storage room to ride to work that the whole thing stays put together. I'd hate to have the wheel fall off while I'm riding down the hill.


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