May. 30th, 2007

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There has to be a special place in hell for the person that takes the LAST donut from the box and leaves it sitting empty.
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I tried to go for a bike ride tonight. I haven't ridden Ruby, my zippy racing bike in awhile. I honestly don't think I've ridden that bike since last October. I've just been riding my beater bike to work and back. I forgot that there's actual SKILL involved in riding Ruby. Clipping and unclipping myself from the pedals, shifting without messing up the gears, and braking without killing myself. I picked an annoying time of day and a bad route for a bike ride. There was a ton of traffic, pedestrians, and other bikers. Lame ass hipster bikers on single tracks with no helmet and no ability to climb a hill to save their life. I know it's REALLY HARD to unclip while you're at a red light, but if circling around and balancing yourself on your bike is going to endanger me; then you should consider putting one foot down. Stupid hipster bikers.

I have not been to the gym in two weeks. Maybe once. It's time to get back there. That's a LONG TIME for me. I'm starting to feel really antsy. My schedule has changed though. I've decided I can't do the early morning thing through the summer. I'm not sure if I will take a break from the gym to do masters swimming or not. It's about the same price as the gym, but I kind of want to have the option of both. Decisions, decisions...

I also need to find a better bike route off of The Big Gay Hill for long bike rides.

I have a recruiter at work helping me to find a new position at work. I am really excited about the possibilities. I've been thinking about exactly what I'd like to do. I tried to verbalize it all in an email. She asked me what I was ideally looking for and I was really honest. I only put in one sentence about what I don't want. I try to stay away from saying what I don't want.

Someday maybe NSF will go for a bike ride with me. I think she's scared to bike with me. Everyone is scared to bike with me. I'm really not that fast. Really.


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