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I finally saw my GP today about the suspicious spot on my shoulder and she seemed only mildly concerned, which is a huge relief. She gave me the choice of biopsying it today or waiting another very watchful 2-3 months to see if it changes. I decided to wait on it. Especially since I've got someone else who can regularly check it for me too. ;) I'm not a fan of the punch biopsy. It's really painful, despite what anyone says. The location of this spot (right on the back of my shoulder bone) would cause for slow healing and a lot of pain. I'm going to try and manifest it into a normal mole.

I have a cold. A mild one, but it's annoying enough to make me ultra-crabby at work. Everyone was annoying me this afternoon. I felt like the all waited until 2:30 to ask for what they needed. And they needed it RIGHT NOW.

I had a peanut butter banana smoothie at lunch which temporarily calmed me, but then I was cranky once I got back to the office again. I highly recommend the peanut butter banana smoothie at World Wrapps if you ever go there. I know, it doesn't sound good, but if you like peanut butter...

I'm going to take a nice long bubbly bubble bath. Then I'm going to eat a big burrito with black beans, rice, cheese, salsa, onions, lettuce, and sour cream. My stomach is fine fortunately. Then I'm going to read my book, write in my journal and generally do nothing.

I don't think I'll see the gf tonight. I need at least one night off here or there. It's completely tempting to invite her over, and I know she'll say yes. And she might even be in my neighborhood tonight, but I feel like I should resist. If she comes over I'll end up horizontal, but not resting. I need to rest.
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Today was one of those depressing cancer patient days. So many sick people today. It seemed like all of them were young too. As in, under 40. That's hardest to see. It's not so much the patients that upset me so much, it's whoever is with the patients that upsets me. They are the ones with the weight of the world on their shoulders, carrying piles of paperwork, wheeling the oxygen around, asking all the questions. Most of the patients look sort of dazed and bored and tired of the whole routine. Chemo has to be the worst of all. There's nothing like routinely going in to have poison injected into yourself only to know you'll be violently ill the next day.
Fortunately for me it's only once or twice a month I'm around the clinic very much. Maybe that actually makes it worse. That it's not part of my every day reality.
It's getting sunnier and sunnier here in Seattle. It seems like the past two weeks have been the same weather pattern. Cold in the morning but then 65 degrees in the afternoon with a breeze (not a very friendly one). I like this weather and I'm not REALLY complaining, but I think we need some rain to wash away some of the gunk that's built up.
I'm exhausted tonight and I'm not sure why. I didn't get up until 7:20 (I know, sooo lazy) today. Maybe it was all the running around in the clinic. Or maybe biking to work is more work than I realize.


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