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My sister had to put her beloved cat Chance (aka Mr. Squishy, Bubba, Senor Squishy, Squish San) to sleep today after a long illness. Her heart is broken and so is mine. He was just the most wonderful little guy.

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I woke up feeling extremely overheated in Cutie's bed this morning. Last night she brought one of her family's cats (I think they have five, I'm not sure) to live with her. The cat has four names - Kiki, Connie, Twiggy, Psyche, and I call her Pippen. Don't ask me why. She's a an incredibly sweet and sociable cat and seems to enjoy humans and not other cats. She slept on us the entire night. So I woke up with Cutie - the human radiator next me, a thick comforter, and K/C/T/P on me. It was too hot.

The weather is being weird too. It's hot out, maybe 80 degrees and muggy. It is also overcast. I feel like the only thing that sounds good is swimming outside. My head feels fuzzy and foggy and sort of confused. I feel this sort of strange heaviness that I've felt off and on lately. I feel like for the most part, this is a happy and positive time in my life (despite feeling weird today). I feel like I've made choices that have been good for me and needed to happen. Unfortunately, it doesn't always coincide with happy times in everyone else's life. I don't expect that everyone in my life has the same mind-frame that I do right now, but I DO expect that I'm not punished for it. I should be able to talk about what makes me happy and excited to be living without having some sort of negative ick pushed back on me.
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God, I'm such a DORK.

In my new building I really don't know my way around so well. It is a GIGANTIC building with lots of winding hallways that all basically look the same. Today I was trying to find the locker room and I came around a familiar corner where there is an odd piece of artwork that everyone had been discussing at lunch. Basically it's this giant prong-rack similar to the type they use at stores like Target to hang multiple goods of the same type. Except on this rack there is nothing but different colored (painted) pennies in mini ziplock bags. (it's weird!)
So I came around the corner quickly and there were two people looking at the artwork, right in my path or determination and instead of going behind them I accidentally cut too far toward the artwork and, of course, ran into it. It made a terrible crashing sound and almost came off the wall. THANK GOD IT DID NOT. Several of the prongs did and oh god, who knows where they were supposed to go. So I sort of pretended like I knew and put them back on. Sigh. This is my life.

Yesterday while walking down a hallway with my new boss I accidentally walked into someones rack of bins hanging on their office door and knocked it off.

Both days this week I've felt like the dorky new kid at school. I can't wait to become such a familiar face that everyone isn't looking at me all the time. It makes me so nervous. I forgot what it's like.

So far it's a good fit I think. I was starting to feel worried today that I'm not quite up-to-snuff in my computer skills and was feeling really bad about it. Especially with Access. I've used the program a bit but it's been YEARS. I haven't done much query or form creating. I was feeling bad about it and then at around 3:30 my boss said in an exasperated voice "you learn to fast! I don't have anything left!" So I felt much, much better after that.
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Today was my first day at my new job. All in all, it was a good day. I was tired all day which didn't help my comprehension at all. I forgot how exhausting starting a new job is. All that remembering. There is so much new information. It's ALL important too. In general, things are MUCH calmer, quieter, and kinder. I can just tell the stress level is different. The stress is more of an academic -'striving for success and perfection' than blaming type stress of working in a clinical setting. I feel like I will want to be successful in my new job because I feel like the study is important. Whereas in my old job, I had no real motivation to do a good job (even though I DID do an excellent job) because there was no positive feedback (EVER) and there was no reward for doing a good job. I never got to see the outcome for the patient, or hear what a positive experience it was for them.

It's so hard to tell from my first day how things will go. I work with mostly women still, but they are a different kind of women. I am the "baby" of the group which I can tell is going to make them all mother me. Including my boss. I suppose that's fine. It's a constant theme in my life and I'm used to it. Yes, I wear a helmet when I bike. Yesssss, I always wear sunscreen. Yessss, I brought a lunch to work.

I met the principal research scientist today and liked him immediately which is a good sign. My boss had nothing but gushing things to say about him, which is refreshing. She said he's the nicest scientist she's met, so I'm relieved. He said he was impressed with my resume. Well, la-te-daa to that. So am I.

Cutie came over last night kind of late and was both exhausted and hungry I could tell. I fed her quesadillas with peppers and onions, nudged her into the shower and tucked her into my bed. I guess I kind of like to mother people too. I can't help it. I was trained that way.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has been exhausting. I highly recommend not starting a new job in the middle of the week with no break from your old job. Bad idea.
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I have kind of a heavy heart today. I think it has finally hit me that today was my last day at my job. I will not miss my work, or my managers, but I sure will miss my friends. I know I'll only be two blocks away, but it's not the same. I suspect there will be some loneliness in my new job. I will be in an office by myself and I have a feeling I will miss being able to talk to my friends whenever the need arises. It will take some getting used to. I feel that in my new job the pros will definitely outweigh the cons. I have to go with my gut.

Tonight is one of those nights where I just need a nice big warm hug from someone, anyone, that I love. I invited Cutie over but she's bogged down with work and has hardly had a moment to herself since getting back from NY. She needs a night to recoup, which is totally fine with me.

I'm feeling anxious and scared and suddenly not-so-sure about my new job. I'm getting burnt out with the transitions and I hope this is the last one for awhile.
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I have two days left in my current job. It's still kind of hard to believe. I feel exhausted when I think about the fact that I'm again starting another new job. You know how some people bounce around from relationship to relationship? That's how I am with jobs apparently. I'd rather it was my job than my relationships.

The temp and I ran out of stuff to do today and the last half hour was agonizingly boring. I sent out a call for help asking for work from anyone and everyone tomorrow. Unfortunately we are strongly discouraged from surfing the web when there's nothing to do, but instead are expected to continuously ask our coworkers for work to do, to the point at which it becomes annoying to them. Reason number 980981239021398 that I'm glad to be leaving.

Big BIG boss also asked for 10 minutes of my time today. She wants to speak to me before I leave. I can only imagine what that's about. I'm already dreading it. I will only be honest with her. Definitely not mean, or angry, but honest. Hopefully she just wants to know why I'm leaving.

This weekend was FANNNNNTASTIC. Not only was Cutie home from NY, but it was pride weekend. Unfortunately, she got really sick on Saturday (food poisoning), so we spent a lot of time lying around with me scratching her head and fetching glasses of water and Milk of Magnesia. She felt much better by Saturday night, but by then we were zonked out and didn't get to do any of the party-partying. It was OK because we still made it to the parade on Sunday. I feel like the parade was kind of a letdown. It felt too big, along too much of a stretch. I didn't feel that usualy camaraderie that happens at pride. I guess there's something missing by not having it on Broadway. I know there are many more reasons to NOT have it on Broadway, but it felt a little sad and lonely. It was strange to have all these tourists walking by who have no idea what is going on. It was also COLD. I'm used to being a little sunburned and a little drunk at pride. I also confess I was wondering where all of my friends were.

I think I'm a little stressed about starting my new job on Thursday. I KNOW I am actually. I've had a headache all day and I had one all day on Friday until exactly 5:01pm. I think I'll feel better once I get through Wednesday and am done with training the temp and stressing out about finding stuff for her to do all day. That's actually far more stressful.

Cutie lowers my blood pressure. If I just think of her, I feel better.
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Today was a better day!

I ended up swimming last night. I didn't go to Masters practice because I got chicken, but I swam at the gym instead. I didn't feel pukey either! (last time the constant wake from their shitty lane lines made me sick) I realized I have a bit of work to do before I'll feel comfortable going to a masters practice. I know how those workouts go. When I swam on the UW Masters team they killed me. Every practice. Given, I was also biking and running and weight training. They do take those practices seriously. They are not unlike my college swim practices where I was burning so many calories I might as well have been eating some Gu while in the pool.

We were moderately busy most of the day at work, until 3:30 when we ran out of stuff to do. I had to get creative in the afternoon and we ended up helping out some other people. I felt really bad because the poor temp looked so bored beyond belief. I was bored just hearing myself talk. I HOPE tomorrow will be busier, but I doubt it. Today I had two interactions in the office that reminded me why it's a GOOD thing that I'm moving on.

Tonight I'm going for a run (my first in MONTHS). Just a shortie. Maybe 15 minutes or less. I know exactly what's happening. I'm slowly training for a triathlon. It's like a DISEASE. I can't stop. I just want to do one. Just one in the fall. I'm sick of the gym so automatically my brain starts thinking of activities outside the gym that might entertain me and of course they are - swimming, biking and running.

I have one load in the washer and I might try and do another if Irritating Hippie Guy isn't waiting there with a load when I get downstairs. After all that I'm having a beer and some dinner. I feel like I deserve a beer or two.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Cutie comes home tomorrow. I pick her up in the evening. Can. Not. Wait.


Jun. 19th, 2007 09:05 pm
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There is only one person in this universe who can guilt me into anything. My niece. My OLDER niece. She's 15 and since she was born she's been able to guilt me into anything. I don't know if it's her humongous blue eyes or the fact that she will always ALWAYS be the baby, but I'm a sucker.

I got a phone call at work yesterday on my cellphone that went something like this:

Me: Helllooooo
Niece: Belle, can you come over tonight?
Me: Why?
Niece: Just because.
Me: Because WHY? (Instantly suspicious, this is unlike her. She never calls unless it's something big)
Niece: I have something for you.
Me: What is it?
Niece: It's a secret.
Me: Can I eat it?
Niece: Ummmmmm.
Me: I can't come over tonight. How about tomorrow?
Niece: OK. When?
Me: 6-6:30.

Since it was GUILT-inducing-niece I decided I should probably go over there. It has been at least three weeks since I've been to mom's and I could feel the guilty cloud starting to follow me anyway.

When I got there I discovered that her and her BFF had cooked me dinner. I was completely surprised. This is a kid who can barely manage to cook herself Top Ramen. Not only was it dinner, it was good. AND they made me no-bake cookies. For no reason other than because they wanted to see me. OH THE GUILT. I MIGHT DIE FROM THE GUILT.
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(yě'ə, yā'ə, yā'ə) Pronunciation Key
adv. Informal

(yā) Pronunciation Key
interj. Used as an exclamation of pleasure, approval, elation, or victory.
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Don't you love it when this happens? )

Today was kind of a blah day. I haven't had a blah day in awhile so I guess I'm overdue. I feel especially fat right now since Gym and I had our big breakup. I'm thinking about going tomorrow morning. I think part of the reason I feel so blah is that my exercise regimen is all screwy since I started dating Cutie. I think I need to start going to the gym more regularly until I get this whole swim team thing sorted out.

My boss emailed me to tell me that they have a temp coming on Wednesday to replace me. I guess I'm training her for a week. I feel like this is too long and I surely will go crazy near the end. I just REALLY hope she's tolerable unlike the last temp we had come in. I hope my last week at my job isn't miserable.

I did have a nice walk home from work today. Walking home from work is really one of the highlights of my days these days. It has been since college that I've been able to walk to and from work. I love putting my ipod on and walking out the door. It's really enjoyable and it's at least two miles a day that I'm walking. Even if I don't have time for the gym at least I'm doing that. I guess I walk about 2 times a week and bike the other days.

I also made myself a nice yummy lunch for tomorrow. I'm having an egg salad sandwich and a salad with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, peppers, and cheese. Oh, and Goddess Dressing of COURSE.

Cutie text messaged me to tell me that she got to hold hands with Amanda Palmer at the True Colors concer today. :/ It's allowable since she's on "the list". My list includes such famous people as - Tilda Swinton, Carrie Brownstein, Wayne Coyne to name a few.
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My Aunt Dede passed away this afternoon after a long sickness. Dede was my favorite Aunt. Dede was like a second mom growing up. I don't know what else to say because I think part of the grief is delayed for me. It tends to hit me all at once, or later on unexpectedly while I'm doing something mundane like laundry or grocery shopping.

I would rather tell a short fond memory I have of Dede.

As a kid I was not allowed to have sugar. I'm not sure I've blogged about it before, but I wasn't allowed ANY. It turned me into a monstrous brat. So I had to get it however I could. Sometimes it was contraband sugar. Mom was the major enforcer in the no-sugar ban, but my sisters were supportive of it as well since they knew what happened if I had any. Usually I had to coerce other extended family members into sneaking me some here or there. I was mostly unsuccessful.

One very hot Oklahoma summer day the family had stopped at the K-Mart for treats. Everyone went in and I stayed in the car with a sister. I think I must have been about four. Dede came back to the car and my sister went in. When Dede got in the car she had this mischievous look on her face and held up a mini grape Tootsie Roll Pop. She unwrapped it, handed it to me., and told me to eat it fast. Of course, I wasn't a stupid kid, so I chomped the HELL out of that thing. I had eaten about half of it when everyone got back to the car and no one noticed (which looking back is kind of remarkable). Then for some stupid reason I announced that Dede had given me a Tootsie Roll Pop. Mom got SO MAD and grabbed it out of my hand. Dede looked at me with a look of death and did her famous bite-her-knuckle and grumble at whichever kid pissed her off routine. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't give me a backhand smack. I knew I was in trouble and that it was the last time she snuck me sugar.

I've had a pretty quiet weekend. On Friday I went to see Sky Cries Mary with friends and the gf. Saturday I helped my sister and BIL do some packing for their upcoming move. Saturday night I stayed at the gf's because I had to drive her to the airport at 6 am this morning for her trip to NY. (ugh and double ugh) Then I came home and took at two-hour power nap. (I think we slept about four hours total last night, she didn't pack until the last LAST minute)

After I got myself BACK out of bed again I met up with Lewis and Michele who took me kayaking at the Mercer Slough. I think we saw 100 baby ducks. God, they were so cute. So small and fluffy. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to squish one or stuff one in my mouth. Both options are inappropriate. It was quite fun and I realized on this trip that I do love being on the water. It was a good activity for me right now with my STUPID KNEE. It does feel a little better. Michele showed me some stretches and agreed that it's probably tendinitis. I think she's an expert after her knee issues. It was really nice of them to take me. They could have kayaked laps around me with the pace I kept.

I suppose it wasn't really a quiet weekend. I feel tired and cranky and I miss the gf already. She'll be back Friday. I need to stop whining.

Also, I had three bubble teas this weekend. Mango, coconut and taro. I need help.
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I went to my sister's house today to help them do some packing. I'm not sure how helpful I was with my bum knee, but I tried. I mostly packed up their dvds, vhs tapes, and cds. I plan on going back to help more next weekend, because they NEED help. I wish we didn't live so far apart. I HATE living 40 minutes from them. It could be worse. I know. I could live in another state.

I discovered while I was there that they are planning to take one of their cats to PAWS before they move. She has not been completely happy while she has lived with them. She's stressed out and she doesn't like all the activity and the kids running around etc.. I understand her perspective and I think I understand theirs. So my dilemma is - Do I take her? I think it's about time for me to consider getting a cat again and she's pretty amazing. She's beautiful and sweet and mellow. She's also fairly young and she likes to play. Her only problem has been peeing. I think the peeing has been a response to stressful and noisy situations around her. I'm not going to lie - I'm nervous about bringing her into my pristine perfect little apartment and having her piss all over everything. I highly doubt that would happen, and she hasn't had an "accident" for months, but I'm thinking about it. I also worry that this is one more huge change in my life after three big ones in a row. One of which hasn't really taken place yet (starting my job). Would that be too much? I feel like it would be a happy change. All of the changes so far have felt positive and happy.

Have to think about it some more.

I'm going to check out the Masters swim team on the hill this week. I'm nervous since I'm in horrible swimming shape and I don't know if it's even realistic while my knee is hurting. If my knee is hurting at all I really think it's stupid to think I could swim. I want to at least meet the coach and check out the pool. I miss swimming and I'm soooo sick of the gym. Obviously biking and running aren't an option until this whole thing is fixed.

Cutie leaves for NY at 6am tomorrow. I'm sooooo bummed. I'll make it's a week. I'll try not to be a baby about it.
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I've done something BAD to my knee. It started out very suddenly. I biked home from work on Monday or Tuesday and when I got home, my knee was really hurting. Mostly when I went from sitting to standing. It has gotten progressively worse all week. This morning I woke up and was limping. Not good. I think it might be from biking. I don't know what has caused it though. I'm not sure if it's some sort of acute thing or if it has been building up over time. I have had a slight pain in this knee before but not like this. Cutie thinks I should lay off the biking for awhile. NO BIKING? I don't know if I can do it. On the other hand, I don't even know if I could actually bike anywhere the pain is so bad. I told her I'd go to the doctor if it still hurts when she gets back from NY. I don't know ANYTHING about knee injuries as mine have always been reliable. I typically get back and shoulder stuff. I feel old and crotchety this morning.

Yes, Cutie is going out of town. I think I might quite possibly die. I'm sure I will knock her over with a tackle when she returns but WAH. She will be in NY for a week starting tomorrow morning. I really won't get to see much of her today either because we both have other obligations today.

I have been irritable the past two days. Irritable beyond belief. I think it's delayed PMS because I thought I was going to freak-out at work yesterday. I kept trying to get caught up and everytime I saw the pile getting smaller someone would come and drop off more work. It was like that cartoon with the worker buried beneath papers at their desk. I completely snapped at one of my coworkers and then promptly apologized, but part of me still feels like she had it coming. You just don't bring someone a STAT request at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon. IT IS NOT DONE.
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I'm really getting excited to start my new job. Today I overheard a conversation in my office that made me roll my eyes so hard they almost got stuck. I'm pretty bored with the work. I guess that's a sign that it's time. I will miss my cubemates a lot. I'll still see them several times a week, but that's not the same as rolling my chair over to say hi or share candy.

In my new job I will get to work with men again. I've kind of missed working with men. I will also work FOR a couple of men. It's not that I mind working with an entire female staff, I just feel like there's more drama than there needs to be at times. (and I'm not saying I'm not part of the drama). I just think it's good to have a balance between the genders. When I worked at both of my lab jobs I worked with some great guys. I miss those guys sometimes.

Tonight's agenda includes laundry, cleaning, cooking and everything else that doesn't get done when I'm with Cutie. I tried to do laundry at her house but I realized that half of my clothes are hang-dry only and it's just a pain in the arse. I'd rather do it somewhere that I leave them to hang for awhile. Besides, I'm sure she doesn't want my biking shorts draped all over her house.

I'm thinking that I might do something radical with my new pay raise. I might not spend the extra money at all. I don't know. It's going to be hard. What I'm thinking is I might just keep living in the same manner, with the same budget, but put the extra funds straight to my debt and help pay it off even quicker. I think that's the smart thing to do. I try and be a responsible adult sometimes...

Last night Cutie took me to The Melting Pot to celebrate my new job. I haven't been in two years or so. I'm not crazy about anything there, EXCEPT the fondue. Which is the whole point. It's like The Olive Garden of fondue, but it's GOOD. It was dangerous the two of us with fondue forks trying to share. Two frantic cheese lovers sharing boiling hot cheese is intense. There was some competition at the end, but she let me have the last bite. Of BOTH the cheese fondue and the chocolate. She's so sweet it hurts.
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I have heartburn. I believe this is the second or third time I've had it in my life. I'm in hell. I don't know how anyone can tolerate this. I know it's because I had three cups of coffee, stuffed myself FULL of food, biked 5 miles, and then had half a chocolate bar. That's a recipe for heartburn success.

I tried having a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water but the relief is marginal at best. I don't think I'll make it to the grocery store for something more powerful without hurling.

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I finally saw my GP today about the suspicious spot on my shoulder and she seemed only mildly concerned, which is a huge relief. She gave me the choice of biopsying it today or waiting another very watchful 2-3 months to see if it changes. I decided to wait on it. Especially since I've got someone else who can regularly check it for me too. ;) I'm not a fan of the punch biopsy. It's really painful, despite what anyone says. The location of this spot (right on the back of my shoulder bone) would cause for slow healing and a lot of pain. I'm going to try and manifest it into a normal mole.

I have a cold. A mild one, but it's annoying enough to make me ultra-crabby at work. Everyone was annoying me this afternoon. I felt like the all waited until 2:30 to ask for what they needed. And they needed it RIGHT NOW.

I had a peanut butter banana smoothie at lunch which temporarily calmed me, but then I was cranky once I got back to the office again. I highly recommend the peanut butter banana smoothie at World Wrapps if you ever go there. I know, it doesn't sound good, but if you like peanut butter...

I'm going to take a nice long bubbly bubble bath. Then I'm going to eat a big burrito with black beans, rice, cheese, salsa, onions, lettuce, and sour cream. My stomach is fine fortunately. Then I'm going to read my book, write in my journal and generally do nothing.

I don't think I'll see the gf tonight. I need at least one night off here or there. It's completely tempting to invite her over, and I know she'll say yes. And she might even be in my neighborhood tonight, but I feel like I should resist. If she comes over I'll end up horizontal, but not resting. I need to rest.
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Don't ever lose your cellphone. It SUCKS. Mine is no longer officially lost. It is at new girlfriend's house. However, it still really bites to only have the internet as your primary form of communication. There are people I need to call. Like my mom for instance.
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For some reason, my apartment STINKS. I mean really stinks. It smells like a dumpster in here. I find it very alarming. I can't find the source of the stench either. The trash and recycling are clean the kitchen sink only has two rinsed dishes in it. I really don't want anyone to come over until I find out what's causing the smell. It almost smells like dead animal which is completely revolting. I hope someone didn't die in my building. *shudder*

I briefly had plans to meet with a friend tonight but that bombed out. Too bad. Later this week though. Hopefully. Maybe.

In addition to my apartment stinking, I stink too. I just did another hour long spinning class. I've been eating a lot of non-nutritious food in large quantities lately. I've got to be careful. I just lost about 10 pounds in the last two months and I'd be so crabby to gain it back.

I won't see NSF until tomorrow night. That's two whole nights apart. I think by tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be antsy and cranky, which is kind of a good feeling. A sort of bouncy, hyper-excited to see my new girlfriend feeling.
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I'm melting....melllllllllllllllting. It's so hot. I've had enough. It can go back below 80 now thankyouverymuch. Blech. I can't deal. I think I'd be OK with it, but for some reason today I'm also have this really weird lightheaded feeling too. It only seems to happen when I go from sitting/lying to standing. This is not unusual for me, but it's pretty extreme today. I think it's the combination of allergy medication, coffee (lots of coffee), and heat that's making me feel this way. I'd really like to go to the grocery store and do laundry but I keep feeling really weak. I ate a sandwich and had about a gallon of water. Hopefully that will help?

It has been a marvelous weekend with NSF. I think I feel safe calling her my girlfriend now. I like that when I've been with her for awhile I have this longing sort of feeling when we part company. Not in a bad codependent way, just this sort of satisfied feeling that I'll see her again soon and I'll probably swoon again.

We spent a little bit of time in Georgetown which makes me really happy. I've only spent a teeny amount of time in Georgetown before but now I have a reason to go there since she lives pretty close. Part of me likes that she lives 15 minutes away because it's an excuse to get off of The Big Gay Hill. It also keeps us from spending every waking moment together which is bad for me in relationships. It kills it for me FAST. I desperately need to have my alone time. In part for me, but also to think about her and to think about us.

I'm not crazy about the idea of working tomorrow and I'm also not crazy that my momma has to fly to Oklahoma early tomorrow morning. My aunt is not doing well at all. She's very sick and I think it's close to her time to say goodbye. She has been sick for so long. So uncomfortable for so long.

Two Letters

Jun. 1st, 2007 06:24 pm
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Dear friend and coworker,

I know you have some esteem issues. You do not like your body. You feel friendless, lonely, and alone at times lately. Even through your extreme depression I can see that you are an amazing person with a great deal to offer the world. You are not ugly even though you think you are, you are very funny, and you are whip smart. However, there are days when your esteem issues cause you to lash out at those around you. Namely me. I realize that you are very serious about weight loss and getting in shape and strive to be a size four by summer's end. I congratulate you on your efforts. But I wish you wouldn't compare me to you. I know that our bodies are very similar in size, but I do not have the aspirations to be a size four. I spent many years hating my body and cursing my round hips and bottom. I got over it. I love my body, my booty, my hips, my pale skin, my blonde hair. I have big, strong, muscles. I can swim and bike better than most lay people. I am not weak. I had to work hard to love myself first and then I realized I came in a nice package too. I don't want to be a four and it's really not a realistic aspiration when you've been a 10 or bigger since you were 12. Please stop commenting on what I'm eating and calculating how long it has been since I've been to the gym. Leave your judgments to yourself.

Dear Doctor,

I know that by working with cancer patients you are a very important person, but did you know that you're no more important than anyone else? Yep, that's right. I'm just as important as you, so is the homeless guy that shits in our bathroom, and the lady that made your sandwich at lunch today, and the women that clean our office. It's shocking huh? Just because you went through medical school DOESN'T MAKE YOU GOD. Nor does it give you the right to speak to me so condescendingly, so rudly, so brashly to me in front of three other people.


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